Introducing «Picanha», a vibrant South American grill on wheels that captures the essence of Venezuelan culinary traditions with important Argentine, Brazilian and Peruvian influences.

Named after the most prized cut of Brazilian beef, «Picanha», this food truck embraces the spirit of grilling over a chargrill fire, bringing a delicious fusion of flavors to your plate.

At Picanha, we aim to show the diversity of the Steak House with a gastronomic proposal that will transport you to the heart of South America.

Our menu shows a colorful fusion of traditions, which incorporates the traditional Argentine asado, flavors and techniques of the Venezuelan parrilla .

Whether you are looking for a quick lunch, a delectable dinner or a memorable catering experience, Picanha brings tantalizing flavors of South American culinary collage.


Picaña Greenville – South American Grill
Phone: (864) 662-8766